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My upcoming surgery with Eugenix of India and Dr. Arika Bansal

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8 hours ago, MazAB said:

Looking good Kirkland! Very happy to see that everything is doing well on the healing front. You are doing all the right things, including the Infrared light therapy. My only concern is that the duration may be too much for newly implanted grafts. If you have any data that pertains to longer LLLT sessions early on after a transplant, I'd love to see it. I fell short in finding much of any myself. With at said, I'm also using LLLT in the same fashion. Bought an LED Infrared bulb, attached it to a light stand, and prop it over my head. Works like a charm, however, to air on the side of caution, I waited a full month before starting any LLLT, and am taking a conservative approach doing it daily in 5 minute sessions. I was so frustrated not finding any data, that I called into "The Bald Truth". JT mentioned to me that in the first month the grafts are so fragile, and advised to steer clear of LLLT in the first month. However, he did also say that after the first 30 days, very limited exposure would probably be fine. With how good Eugenix is at what they do, my philosophy is that it'll all grow no matter what, so let me only do the things that have clear and defined data backing them, and the hair will come!😉

You are right - dosimetry parameters matter. It's not that LLLT is bad - just too much can be damaging to the tissue. My purpose for using LLLT so early in the post-HT treatment cycle is to reduce erythema. Since I had a moderate case of semi-permanent erythema (due to my SMP treatment in 2015) going into the surgery, I wanted to use LLLT for improved angiogenesis in the hopes that in the process of creating new blood vessels for the transplant, the existing abnormally dilated blood vessels would be repaired through improved fibroblast proliferation and growth factors. This study, though a small sample size (n=22 for both red light (633 nm) and infrared light 830 nm group which is generally the same wavelengths of the LED in the unit I am using), shows a statistically significant improvement in collagen and elastin formation with a daily dose of 20 minutes of both red and infrared light wavelength. It doesn't mention specifically any net benefits to neovascularization per se but suggests that LED light therapy may enhance intercellular communication. I am going to go back to my original schedule of 20 mins/day at a distance of 10 cm from light source.






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