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Anyone taken Creatine AFTER an FUE?

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Only for people who have had any sort of FUE - if you took creatine after having one say after the first 1-2 months of an FUE.

How was it? Was it ok? Or did you stop it because you were recommended not to?
My question is for the people that train, took creatine after having an FUE, within 1-2 months etc - and if you felt anything negative from it regarding your hair or if it didn't effect anything at all! Thanks

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11 hours ago, Gokuhairline said:

a lot of creatine questions lately lol.....i will most likely begin using it in another week when its 1 month post FUE but only for 2-3 months and 3x a week at 5mg....don't really think it will be an issue....

Ok I'll do same too then, I'll ask my clinic too see what they ssy

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