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Folks, how many grafts are there on average in our donor area?

How many max grafts on donor area?   

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  1. 1. How many max grafts on donor area?

    • 6000 - 7000 grafts
    • 7000-8500 grafts
    • 8500-10,000
    • 10,000-12,000
    • 12,000 and more

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The problem with trying to come up with an average is that there is a large range and it all depends on each persons hair type and amount of hair loss. Some people will have a maximum of 3000 grafts that can be taken while others will have 10,000. The only way to know how many there are for you is to have an in person consultation with a qualified Dr. Even then you will not get a definite answer. Everyones hair changes over the years. The amount of estimated grafts you have available today may be more than you will have in 10 or 15 years.


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Too many variables.  Everyone has different hair density, different levels of "safe zones" and age plays a big factor.   BeHappy nails it.

Which is why so many (good) doctors will steer you to going conservative as much as possible. More so the younger you are.

Very generally... if your donor looks good 6-7K I think tends to be the safer average to plan on, everything else after that is gravy if your own personal situation can handle it.  Body hair/beard hair could add to it, but certainly more expensive.

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