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Anyone know of any curly hair specialists in NY? Is FUT typically better for curly hair?

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Hey all! 

I have extremely curly hair and got a FUE procedure done by Bosley a year ago (without looking at this forum first, oops!)--of course they botched it. I'm about ready to go for a second round with actual results this time (and non-Bosley), so hoping to do my proper research. The Bosley surgeon said that my follicles are very deeply embedded and were very difficult to extract, so I'm wondering if FUT is more suitable? 

That being said, does anyone know of any doctors who are particularly good with curly hair? Is there any difference to transplanting curly hair follicles vs. straight hair follicles? Trying to do all my research this time so I don't waste another year waiting on nothing!

Thanks so much!

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Don’t let location be a deciding factor, you had one poor procedure already. As I mentioned before look through the forum and search for results with similar hair to yourself.

Some decent choices would be Dr Bisanga, Dr Mwamba, Dr Diep and Dr Lapunzula for example. 

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3 minutes ago, JohnAC71 said:

I remember your thread from last year. Did you check through the forum recommended list:


Wow, you remember me! I looked at the list, but wasn't sure how to figure out who would be good based on hair type. Thank you for the help and recommendations! Will continue to research with the forum's resources.

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Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Mwamba are probably the best when it comes to afro hair. They are based in Belgium though.

Medication for Male Pattern Baldness: Topical Fin/Minoxidil 5%

Medication for Cicatricial Alopecia: Hydroxychloroquine  - Topical Clobestasol - Doxycycline

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