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My experience with Saw Palmetto + Stinging Nettle Root


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I wanted to share my short story here. About 2 years ago at age 22 my first signs of hair loss had shown, I experienced hair thinning on my entire head and some loss, though minimal, mostly major miniaturization, but it was noticeable.

After much research and thought I decided to risk it and give Saw Palmetto 550 mg a chance before trying anything more serious (like fin/min), to see how I would react. I've also linked some cropped pictures of laboratory test results below that were taken.

The picture with the highest DHT of almost 3300 PG/ML was in September of 2020, up to this point I was only experimenting with natural topical solutions, and although for example the Jamaican castor oil I was using helped to prevent further loss, it didn't help with the hair density so I wanted to try something else.

The second picture of 1890 PG/ML was after 2 months of Saw Palmetto 550mg x2 a day, started using it in Jan/Feb of this year and did the lab result in March, and the third lab test is from the month of May, after introducing Stinging Nettle Root tea once a day in tandem with Saw Palmetto, from March to May, it completely stabilized and was within normal range. Just for experimental purposes I stopped using both SP/SNR for about a month and a half and wouldn't you know it, DHT levels started rising again, who'd have thought? :) 

I quickly got back on the regime again and it stabilized.

Regarding Saw Palmetto I only had "side effects" for the first few days where erections were very weak, after that everything went back to normal and I haven't experienced any side effects, neither from SP nor Stinging Nettle Root. 

People did comment that they see a big difference from a couple of months and now regarding my hair, though I'm not satisfied yet. Though I can definitely see a lot less hairs fall out now when I stroke through my hair, It used to be 10-15, now it's 2-5 hairs, so I legit think it's worth a try before going on any meds, but I think it will take a long time to see improvement, still, I halted all further hair loss.


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