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Challenges for choosing HT

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Absolutely not easy in the slightest. A massive amount of research which just makes it harder to choose the right Dr/Clinic. I would say a fair few of us make a mistake the first time (myself included)

Knowledge is power 👌 these days I think it’s even tougher with so many decent choices available. 

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Initially, I rushed and made a huge mistake. Luckily, I found this forum, researched thoroughly and then pulled the trigger on a doctor with excellent reviews.


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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

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Are you are talking about how to mentally prepare for the procedure? There are a lot of things that can stress a person out just thinking about a hair transplant such as the thought of shaving your head for the procedure, how do you go back to work, what do you tell people, how do you handle looking even worse than you do now for several months during the "ugly duckling" phase of shedding and waiting for new growth, etc. It's a lot to deal with.

I think generally the people who handle it best are the ones who are at the point where they are so frustrated with their hair loss that it's actually better to think about the hair transplant than it is to think about how to deal with not having the transplant. If you are not at that point yet and you are really having a hard time stressing about how to handle it all, then perhaps you should hold off a bit longer. You don't HAVE to get to that point, but some people have a much harder time dealing with unkowns. It tends to be those who are less adventurous and happier with more of a routine and knowing how their day is going to go who have this problem.

Sorry I know I haven't really helped you much with what I said.

What I will say, and I mention this a lot, is spend some time looking at pictures of lots of hairlines, both transplanted ones and non transplanted natural ones. Look at older pictures of your own hair line when you had more hair. This way you will get a good idea of the type of hairline you are looking for. This matters a lot! It's what you will see every day in the mirror, so you have to get a design that you can live with. Too many people go in for a hair transplant thinking the Dr is one of the best, so he will know what to do, but the Dr doesn't know what you specifically want or what you used to look like 10 years ago. Most hair transplant Drs have a certain hairline style that they most often do and are known for. The Dr may do excellent hairlines with great density, but as an example, if you want more of an M shape hairline or widows peak and he always makes straight hairlines then you are at the wrong place even if the Dr is one of the best because once you get home and see the hairline and you don't recognize yourself or it isn't what you imagine then you will already be thinking of a "repair" to "fix" the hairline.

Most people are trying to get their hair back to something resembling what they once had because that is what they know and are most comfortable with. This goes back to the less adventurous type of person I mentioned earlier. These guys need to be able to look in the mirror after a hair transplant and see something that looks like their old hairline, so they can see a younger them. If you can get that it makes the entire ugly duckling phase much easier to deal with because you know you are headed in the direction you want to go.

Some of the more adventurous people will be more willing to go with whatever hairline the Dr creates and see how it turns out, but some people can't handle that. Make sure you know which type of person you are.


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