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Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you my experience so far with my procedure carried out by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic, Cyprus.


I’m 41 y/o. My baldness pattern is “high forehead” started to grow in my early 20’s and still seems to be slowly on-going. I’m about Norwood 4-5. My crown is also getting thinner but not enough to justify any actions yet.

It was reasonably agreed the transplant will cover only the forehead with an initial estimation of 3500 grafts.

Not taking any meds or hair treatment products.

After considering several options, and studying the area enough - I’ve decided to go ahead with hair transplant at HDC. I met the local representative in Israel which gave me a real picture of the entire process, what to expect, etc. I’ve also met in person 3 ex-patients who underwent the same procedure at HDC and was convinced I may be able get close to optimal results.



Everything went as planned and expected during the two-days procedure (March 15-16). The entire team treated me with tons of patience.

On the first day I met Dr. Maras and the HDC team. After a quick corona test, Dr. Maras and myself discussed and set the expectations – Why I’m there, what would be a success from my point of view (which is a natural result), what can be achieved under the circumstances, which areas will be harvested/implanted, etc. Then Dr. Maras sketched a first draft of the hairline. He also stated there is a slight room for margin (and indeed I asked to lower the hairline by another 2-3mm). I must admit as a patient its hard to know “what is right” hairline height and shape, and its crucial to have a good and experienced team to advise you here.

I also had a concern about a restoration of the temporal peaks and we agreed we’ll get back to it later on.

As expected, Dr. Maras performed all the surgical activities himself – he had punched the donor area then the assistances manually collected the grafts after holes had been created. Later on Dr. Maras made the forehead incisions, preparing the area for the assistances to place the grafts harvested. In between the local team divided the grafts extracted into groups of single/double/triple using microscopes. I should note that some double/triple were manually cut into singles to increase the singles number while extracting less grafts and preserving the donor area – so I was explained.

On the first day we dealt with the front hairline and the front forehead area, and on the second the back of the forehead was filled in.

All in all there were 3842 grafts: 2011 on the 1st day and 1831 on the 2nd.


After the operation I stayed in the HDC’s apartment for another 4 complete days. I arrived to the clinic for head washing twice a day and after flying back continued to wash the sculp using the special shampoos provided by the clinic.

The immediate side effects (swelling, itching, sleeping discomfort…) which were unpleasant but tolerable lasted for 1-2 weeks.

I can see that the grafts density is slightly higher in the frontal area (beyond the first 2-3mm singles hairline), I have a more dense area compared to the back of the forehead. As I was explained, it will provide a thicker look when I’m looked at from the front, and after the hair re-growth the differences between the areas should be smoother/invisible.


In my opinion this is the least important factor when choosing the clinic, but Its nice to relax in a nice place after the procedure... The conditions were very good and I was provided with everything necessary to pass the first days of the surgery and recovering time. I was accommodated in HDC newly renovated apartment with adjustable sofa (good to spend the first nights sleeping in an upright position). Flights, corona tests, permissions to entry Cyprus... all was carried out by the local agents/clinic, which was a huge hassle with all the pandemic restrictions.

The before pictures:






After the 2nd day:



Will be uploading more results as soon as I have any...

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Looks great, I had myself a procedure by Dr. Maras, keep us updated 😊

Doron Harati - offical consultation center of HDC clinic (Cyprus), HT procedures are done by MD Doctors with Microscope FUE.

Feel free to contact me: WhatsApp +972526542654\ Mail: doronhairadvisor@gmail.com 

My own HT story: https://youtu.be/7M9HxBxtlm4

HDC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/?ref=share

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