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Finasteride shedding

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Hey guys, 

i am at the end of month 2 of taking finasteride (first 0.25mg 3x a week then 0.5mg 3x a week) and it seems it haven’t done any difference. I have heard about finasteride initial shedding that’s taking place after starting consuming but I would like to know how long it usually lasts. Since I feel like I have more hair in the sink than on the head I feel like I should increase the dosage, not sure how though. I was wondering maybe gradually work my way to 1mg 3x times a week but I still feel like it won’t be enough so wanted to ask you what to do with those other empty days.


thanks a lot

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Is my question written in a improper manner or something ? Because I cannot figure out why no one is willing to answer. If there is some problem you could at least tell me so I can avoid it next time.

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If you're shedding due to medication it usually lasts a few months, as the weak hairs go into the telogen phase and the stronger hairs go into the anagen phase. 

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.25 is too low of a dose to be effective.  usually its prescribed 1xday at 5days a week.  

im on it 3xweek and seems to be doing its job, but im new to it, so time will tell

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