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Hello everyone, i have had a HT on 25.01.2021 at Este Medical Group  in Istanbul ( Turkey). The surgery was painless and comfortable. Dr. Faruk Yılmaz was my doctor who have opened the holes and the specialist planted it. Today was the 10th day and they washed my crusted skin and the result looks good. The consultant adviced me to do a 6 month bundle for Hair Laser. She said, your existing and new transplantated Hair which is not strong because of DHT (Dehydrotestosterone)will be strong again after that treatment. İ paid 1.000 € for Hair transplantation and this treatment costs 1.100€. They put a Serum on your head and an employer makes massage for 10 minutes after that you will be under the Laser machine. İ don't know if thats really work. İ did not find anything about that on this forum. May be you called it different in outland. İ will add some Pictures of my head from the first day and the 10th day. İ would be happy for any review. Thank you and have a good Day!

10th day (2).jpg

first day.jpg

first day2.jpg



10th day.jpg

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I think lasers do have some minimal benefit as I've used a laser comb before, but I would not spend more money to go to a clinic a few times a week than it would cost to buy a laser cap or laser comb myself and be able to use it daily at home.


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I have never seen any real improvements with anything along these lines. Seems more of a gimmick to me. None of the elite clinics do these type of treatments. Costly too. 

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I sunk £800 or so and used the LH80 pro (laser helmet) religiously for nearly a year and it did absolutely nothing for me. I continued to lose hair at a similar rate.

I can't speak for other people, but if they really were worth the investment, then you would hear people talking about them on these forums and the success they've had with them a lot more.

My personal view is they are largely crap, a waste of money and lining somebody's pockets without the data to back up their efficacy. But we do desperate things when we're losing our hair, don't we... I hope I have just saved you some money. Keep fighting my friend and best wishes to you.

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