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Anyone have any recommendations or experience with anyone in Toronto area? 

Ht #1: sure hair for men 21 years old unk amount of grafts. waste of money


Ht #2: 2005 with FUT with Dr Armani. Don't remember the amount of grafts. Great result re building the hairline and frontal thirs


HT #3: Jan 18 with Dr Doganay Fue: 2500 grafts, 600 crown, 400 into Fut scar, 400 temple rebuild, the rest into the front third to beef up the hairline. still waiting on results obviously

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Avoid SMP if you just had a procedure and awaiting results.  In fact, avoid it 18 months at least to let your hair cycles return to normal.  Get a sample 2-3 smp dots ok your arms to see if your allergic to it first.  Also, if any med conditions or chemo check with a doctor.  Best of luck

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