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Crown Result – 5 months After – 2730 FUE Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic

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This is a 42-year-old patient who wanted to cover his crown. HDC Medical Team under the supervision of Dr Maras, transplanted 2730 grafts.

This patient has good donor. So even if the donor has high number of follicular units per square centimeter, still we distributed the extraction of the grafts all over the donor area. This achieves the least trauma and scarring to the donor and does not make a specific area of the donor look less dense than the adjacent area. It needs more patience and time to extract this way, but in HDC protocol this technique has to be followed.

Well, the result is only 5 months and it still has a lot of room for improvement. Usually, the crown results take longer than the hairline results to mature.

We will update in a few months for final result.






Immediately after





5 Months after





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Giuseppe Grezzi 

Representative of HDC Hair Clinic and  Hair transplant Technician

Email : giuseppe@hdc.com.cy    Whatapp +357 97 741250   HDC Whatsapp +357 99 205741

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Amazing! I can't wait to have my crown procedure at HDC :)

Doron Harati - offical consultation center of HDC clinic (Cyprus), HT procedures are done by MD Doctors with Microscope FUE.

For consultation contact me: WhatsApp +972526542654\ Mail: doronhairadvisor@gmail.com 

HDC Instegram: https://instagram.com/doronhairadvisor_hdc?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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That’s absolutely superb 🤯🤩

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Check out my final hair transplant journey

My Final Hair Transplant Journey (Over 9K Total FUE Grafts) 

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