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Almost at a year... 1800 grafts FUE. Tijuana Mx. Happy but maybe greedy?

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As I keep hearing, sometimes even when we get a solid result we always want a little more (when you look at your own hair everyday, you always find something wrong or good).


So I am going to post some before and after pics of my 1800 graft FUE procedure from Tijuana Mx (Dr. Cortez). I am generally happy with the result, but on my right side it seems a bit lagging? Maybe it's the natural progression of my loss? I also keep my hair shorter than most guys with a transplant so that might be a factor. And to be fair I have not used finasteride religiously this year, but looking to get back on a steady pace. Here is the order of the photos: First 5 pics are pre op. 2 weeks post op. 2 months. 3 months. 4 months. 5 months. 6 months. 9 months I'm outside. 11 1/2 months 4 photos and donor area with double zero blade. LAST 5 PICTURES ARE RANDOM PICTURE I CAN NOT DELETE :(


I would like to get your opinions on the overall result? I will admit I'm a bit sensitive on the topic, so please only constructive criticism. Thank you so much in advance!









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sorry the last few pics are random pics upside down
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Your donor looks incredible, I don’t think you need anymore hair, but of course hair greed gets us all! 

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How old are you? I'll give a different perspective.  I would leave it for a bit and let things settle down.  Over the next few years  track your hairloss and see how stable you are.  If it is not agressive then I would do maybe 5-600 more grafts in the hairline to thicken it up without lowering it at all and it will be a perfect result!

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