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Case performed by Dr. Feriduni – 3934 FU in 1 procedure

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FUE performed on a 34-year old Caucasian male with

• Donor density of 80 FU/cmÇ occipital, 88 FU/cmÇ parietal, 85 FU/cmÇ temporal
• Hair diameter of ~ 52-62 microns

Treatment plan
Follicular Unit Extraction to attain an aesthetic reconstruction of the hairline.

Performed procedure
FUE (December 2, 2019)

Follicular Unit Extraction with 3934 FU:
* 467 single hair FU
* 2739 double hair FU
* 728 triple hair FU
HGI: 2,0

Parallel incisions in custom-sized blades technique (Cutting Edge blades of 0,8-0,9 mm).
Extraction performed by WAW-system with a 0.85 mm serrated trumpet punch.
No microscopic preparation of the follicular unit grafts.

Dr. Bijan Feriduni








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L0ke - Representative for Dr. Feriduni

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Wow now that is a what I call a hairline 🙌🏼

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19 hours ago, Babou1410 said:

@L0ke Woaw really impressive work, as always with Dr Feriduni

Quick question when counting the number of FU's I came to a total of 3467, could the delta be for grafts above 4 ?

The number of FU was a missing from our side; they're correct now.
Thank you for noticing, and the kind words to us :) 

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L0ke - Representative for Dr. Feriduni

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14 hours ago, Curious25 said:

Very nice result.

Almost 4000 grafts done via FUE in one session is pretty unusual to see - what were the reasons Dr Feriduni felt confident pursuing this approach? 

Thank you @Curious25
Dr. Feriduni has 15 years of experience in FUE.
Since 2015 he is performing on a daily basis FUE cases between 3000 and 4000 FU's if necessary, depending on the patient's hair characteristics, hair/FU-density per cm2 and hair caliber. 
This is a slow process in increasing the amount of FU over the years.

L0ke - Representative for Dr. Feriduni

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