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Why are there a spate of clinics who have started offering this treatment over the last 6-12 months, promising the world - yet I can’t find any published research, any journals, or any surgeons showcasing their alleged hundreds of before and afters? 

Surely if this is a genuine thing , it’s in their best interest to be all over YouTube and the forums showcasing their results - as opposed to simply just saying ‘yes it’s promising’ , ‘yes we have had dramatic patient transformations’. 

It’s supposed reputable clinics Aswell and the prices they are charging certainly aren’t cheap - if this was happening in Turkey, there would be a full scale witch hunt by now. 

Would love to hear some doctor input - perhaps there has been peer to peer research shared at conferences etc that they are privy to, however the consumer needs to be informed, because it is frankly unacceptable for these clinics to be offering these treatments at these prices, and expecting prospective patients to put their blind faith in them, without more available information. 


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@Curious25, like you I would LOVE to see proof, and not simply placing blind faith into what others are saying. What worries me is Exosomes aren't what these clinics are hoping for, or they haven't nailed down the process to produce consistent results. Otherwise, why wouldn't you strive to put it out there for the community to see? The returns for this procedure and adjunct procedures would surely be worth the small marketing investment.

It's frustrating, and I can relate to what you're saying. There is/was a lot of positive talk from various clinics about Exosomes, but little evidence to substantiate the 'hype' surrounding it. Provided this is relatively new, we may see more in way of results down the road, but right now it's difficult to find that hope we seek in Exosomes. In the few 'results' or testimonials I've found via scrubbing the web they don't look promising as there is little to no improvement. I suppose we shall see.

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What I learned from clinics that I called is that exosomes has to be injected with stem cells, not on their own. And it does provide good results with 1 shot if your hair is thinnning, not if you are already bald.

It costs around $5,000 as of today and it's so new(ish) that it hasn't been aproved yet by the FDA for hair loss. So this practice is still being done kinda illegally, not sure if that's the correct term.

I'd love to know what the long-term side effects really are.


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