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FUE + SMP ? Diffuse thinner need suggestions

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Hi Guys,

I'll be really clear to help build a picture for you all. I'm a diffuse thinner and wish to have a HT to compliment my SMP and hopefully be able to rock a 0.5 buzz. My donor isn't great however I do have a pretty good beard and chest hair. I'm hoping for roughly 6000 - 7000 grafts from a combination of beard, chest, and scalp which I will always keep very short. I was scheduled to visit Eugenix and was wondering if: 

  1. if what I wish is viable
  2. what clinic is the best for a combination of beard, chest and scalp hair. 

To be clear, all I really wish for is coverage. I understand that the hair will look really weird if grown out however as the hair will never really grow much longer than 0.5mm if not shorter this doesn't concern me. Please see attached some photos of my current situation. I've had a 2 week break from work so I have grown out my hair which will usually be either shaven or trimmed really low. 





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The outdoor pic shows a very thin donor region so you'll have to rely on body/beard hair.  Eugenix would be a great place to see if you're a BHT candidate.  If it were me though I'd just continue shaving it and move on with my life... especially with that killer beard. 

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Agree with the comment above. Your donor has thinned and you have a lot of loss. You would be spending a lot of money to not get what you likely expect. But you have a great head shape and a crazy good beard, I would rock that and never have to worry about hair again 

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In all honesty I don’t think you will get a large amount of grafts without making the donor area look over harvested. Plus you may start to notice the FUE scarring. Especially of your plan is to keep your hair short. Yes BHT is a great source but it does need blending with a lot of scalp grafts too ideally.

Eugenix do some awesome work with regards to high Norwoods, it would be interesting to hear what they think they could achieve.

Yes you have a very good beard source, but it might restrict your beard styles of you take a lot of the grafts under the chin. 
Just some things to think about. I’m not saying you shouldn’t/can’t get a transplant. But it’s worth thinking about what can be achieved and what the trade off might be. 

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Appreciate the responses so far guys! I'm okay with a little bit of scarring provided that I can have a little bit of density to 1 stop the SMP shine and 2 give a bit of texture to existing SMP

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