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FUT + FUE combo with Dr. Gabel

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Hello everyone,

Around seven years ago I had a 4,100 grafts FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal, in which he mostly worked on the front/mid scalp. Overall, I was very satisfied with the hairline he created, and the obtained results. However, during these years -most likely- I  have lost the remaining native hair I had by that time, and hence overall density, so lately my hair had a more thin appearance. For that reason, after thinking about it, I tried to schedule a new appointment with Dr. Rahal. Due to COVID restrictions it wasn't easy, so I started to make a new Dr. research. I contacted Dr. Konior, Dr. Saphiro, and Dr. Gabel, among some others. After consideration, and based on the personal approach and confidence during this process, I scheduled the surgery with Dr. Gabel. It was carried out past Monday/Tuesday so, here, I want to share my recent experience with Dr. Gabel and his team.

Many on this site have already said positive things in other posts about him and I don't want to repeat,  however, now that I had my own personal experience, I can tell you all the positive things you can hear/read about him are true. It exceeded my expectations. I am not just saying that my experience with Dr. Rahal wasn't good (indeed, it was good), but the level of care and detail that I experienced with Dr. Gabel through all the procedure (and following days) was truly remarkable.

The surgery was divided in two days: first day 2,435 grafts FUT lasted around 12 hours, and second day 1,066 grafts FUE lasted around 10 hours. Here is te final graft count:

Day 1- FUT (2,435 grafts) to reinforce front-mid scalp and gain density

1-hair 444 (18.2%)

2-hair 1,296 (53.2%)

3-hair 539 (22.1%)

4-hair 156 (16.4%)


Day 2- FUE (1,066 grafts) to gain density in the crown

1-hair 94 (8.8%)

2-hair 537 (50.4%)

3-hair 379 (35.6%)

4-hair 56 (5.3%)

Special mention as well to his staff; from the desk to the surgery room. All perform their duties smoothly, always in synchronization, skillful, friendly, and nice, which makes everything easier. At the technical level, Dr. Gabel was very meticulous in every aspect of the surgery, he has the confidence that puts a patient right at ease, and I felt very comfortable through out. Dr. Gabel performed all the extractions and created all the slits both days. He and his technician placed the grafts both days as well. After all was complete, Dr Gabel did a final walkthrough, moving things around, perfecting the work, that was followed during next 3 days I stayed in Oregon.

I did not wrote a review from my previous HT but this time had to do it. If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant, my opinion is: talk to different doctors, and take advantage of the valuable information you can get from the internet. If finally decided to move on with Dr. Gabel, I am pretty sure you won't regret.

I'm on my 4th day of post op: 5 first pics are pre op, 4 last pics post op.
I will try to keep you guys updated.


pre5.thumb.jpg.19b0d21263373495269f70ca7f38f491.jpgpre4.jpg.0c7db81a3692df44ffc22b1dcb546aa3.jpgpre3.jpg.e915756328d7a28bc3b2443add81c734.jpgpre2.jpg.bb3b72daa2e8f24ed09d43a286f32669.jpgpre1.thumb.jpeg.83118e356ddf1661eebfef721a99870f.jpegpost4.thumb.jpg.ba3f0e94ddb810c538e7966262e62119.jpgpost3.thumb.jpg.e2e911e38f91328c9fe4a996d7802b1b.jpgpost2.thumb.jpg.4ffe38a2bcadd762ee081986ad4bd199.jpgpost1.thumb.jpg.6c9e2e6621751e9bf37420c2728e6e33.jpgI thought I

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Wow you had two FUTs? Donor area looks great post OP.

If you don't mind me asking what was the costs and timeline of scheduling appointments and the surgery with Dr. Gabel?

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Thanks guys, 

45 minutes ago, js2020 said:

Wow you had two FUTs? Donor area looks great post OP.

If you don't mind me asking what was the costs and timeline of scheduling appointments and the surgery with Dr. Gabel?

You are correct, I have had 2 FUTs! The first one around 7 years ago with Dr. Rahal and this is my second FUT (along with FUE next day). Regarding your question, I'm not sure about the policy about sharing prices but I think he would be fine with that. Dr. Gabel cost/graft (at least in my case) was $5 strip graft (beyond 2,500 I know it's $4/graft) and $7 FUE graft. Also, not sure if this is the normal practise but he gave me a discount every day. The communication was very efficient and fast during the whole process. After my first e-mail, I had a video consultation that week on Saturday. As I mentioned, I had consultations with another surgeons, but once I decided for Gabel, I had my surgery exactly 3 months later. Hope this helps !

42 minutes ago, JohnAC71 said:

Love these combo cases, and this was a very sensible one!  Thanks for the detailed write up. 

You are welcome! I agree, It is a good way to maximize the number of grafts for particular cases.



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1 hour ago, Melvin-Moderator said:

Fantastic write-up, 

I actually think doing an FUT and FUE combo is the way to go, eager to see your results flourish. Dr. Gabel is top-notch 👍🏼

Thank you Melvin!

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14 minutes ago, aaron1234 said:

Awesome, good luck these coming months!  Dr. Gabel does great work!  Have you been on Fin at all since you had your first HT with Dr. Rahal?


Not really, only minoxidil - I was on finasteride several years before my first procedure with Dr Rahal, then I stopped. I actually started again one week ago using 0.33mg/day.

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