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Importance of Post-op Bandage Tightness?

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Hi, I recently had an FUE procedure done with a very reputable surgeon. When I went to sleep at night, my bandage was tighter along the back of my head, and pretty loose on the side of my head. I am now 4 days post op, and the back of my head looks much, much, better, while the side of my head looks like the scars are darker, and I am experiencing some shock loss. Does the tightness of the bandaging have an effect on how well the FUE scars form? Is the loose bandaging on the side really going to cause those scars to be bigger and darker?

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The bandaging doesn’t affect the scars. Can you share some pics? 

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Hope you post some pictures but I’m sure you’re just fine.  Shock loss is of course, common.  Curious on the bandages and FUE scarring.  Any scarring will typically fade to very small white dots depending on what size punch was used.  I had a 0.8mm punch and the scarring was really not discernible even after my head was shaved prior to a second procedure.  Don’t worry, you have a lot to look forward to.

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