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Dr Demirsoy - Planned FUE 23 November 2020.

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Hi All, 

Long time lurker. I've been looking into getting a hair transplant for a few (3/4) years. I've been on the fence for a while, previously I could get by with concealers. But to be honest I am tired of having to go through the process of applying the concealers in so much detail. It makes life very restrictive. (I loved the rain as a child, now not so much. 😅)

Some basic details about me

1. Age - 29 (30 in Feb)

2. Medication - Finasteride 3 times weekly for the last 2.5 years. (I actually started when I was 25, took it for a year and stopped for about a year. That was a mistake! Lost a lot of ground in that year of not taking.) And 2.5m oral minox for the last 5 months. No sides on either that are worth mentioning. Also micro needle occasionally - but I am not very good with sticking to a schedule on this one. 

3. Thin dark brown hair, I have always had a high hairline, classic NW2 pattern since about 17. However, of late the temple recession has deepened and the midscalp/crown have thinned out pretty aggressively. Fin and min seem to be holding this steady and I haven't lost much ground since restarting fin 2.5 years ago, and the oral min appears to be helping but 5 months is a bit sort to be 100% certain. 

4. Family genetics are a bit mixed - with only 1 NW7 in the immediate family of 7 men (grandparents, dad, uncles and brother) - Dad has a thinned out NW4 at 67 years old. 

What do I want to achieve?

I am not aiming to lower the hair line at all. I'd like to close off the temple points and add density to the midscalp and crown to a point where a full on combover isn't needed to conceal scalp. I would be happy with a NW2 "mature" hairline - but would like a decent amount of density behind that. I don't mind needing to add a bit of concealer down the line to "thicken" it up for certain occasions - but would be really happy if it wasn't a daily need. (Damn that stuff is such a crutch when you get hooked). 

I sent pictures through to various clinics and they all come back with a similar range of 3500 - 3800 grafts. I would like to try get on the upper end of this target if possible. But I will leave that to the discretion of the surgeon. (See below) 

I fully appreciate that I may need a second transplant down the line. This is an unavoidable reality in my case. 

Choice of surgeon

I am not papa Elon - and I live in a developing country (Euros are expensive) - so affordability is a factor here. To this end, after lots of research, I have booked a slot with Dr Demirosy (Armamed) on the 23rd of November. I found that in terms of surgeon involvement to price factor - he is the best value for money. And from the reviews on this forum and others - I am comfortable that I am in safe hands. 


Left side profile: 



 Right side profile: 


Wet slick back of midscalp and crown: 


Damp midscalp: 


Harsh bathroom lighting:


I will do my best to keep this thread going. I cannot thank the other forum contributors enough, without having seen / read about the others experiences I would definitely not be in a position to have made the choice to go ahead with this. 

Wish me luck! 


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