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Ozlem Bicer

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I've discovered a female surgeon called Ozlem Bicer in Turkey. She is on the IAHRS and other boards. However there are not many reviews of her work online, although apparently she hosts a medical TV show in Turkey. She seems professional but then again they all do. Can anyone advise me on her.

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Hi, yes i'm very happy so far, but too early to see any results just yet.

My opinion would be to go with who you feel most comfortable with. I spoke to a few clinics after a lot of research and Dr. Bicer felt right. that's not to say you will feel the same but I think its very important to have that connection. It's a big deal and if you're not in the right frame of mind, not feeling comfortable etc. I think it would have a big impact.

Dr.Bicer and the coordinator were really good with me in the lead up, during and after the procedure so I cannot fault them.

I have lots of info about travel, transfers, hotels, aftercare, preparation etc. So if you need to ask anything specific just let me know.


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Yeah I have been in touch with Bicer's assistant and I have to say the service has been great, and I do have a good feeling about her. It would be nice to just know what her results are like and so on. Is your donor area ok after having the surgery?

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Hi, here are some pics of my donor area now. Pretty much two months after the surgery. I haven't had my hair cut since, I will be getting it cut in around a week or so, it will probably give a better idea but hopefully this gives you an idea, especially if you intend on keeping your hair long.



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