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Hey all,

I’m looking to get a FUE procedure done in Chicago and have already done a few consults. I’ve been told I have mild recession and need between 1500-1800 grafts. My question is how much should this type of procedure generally cost? Is excess of $20k too much? Obviously every doctor is different and you get what you pay for. But I’m trying to get an understanding of what a reasonable expectation should be for a successful procedure at a reputable doc. 

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In the US ~$7 up to $13 per graft is the price range, there's an east coast clinic with offices in the carolinas -Dr Vories that charges $5 graft, cheapest I know of that's legitimately reviewed and respected.

So your 20k or in excess of that is definitely on the high side of that price range  -1800 grafts @$20,000 would be a little over $11/graft, 1500 grafts would be little over $13/graft. Think I've read Dr Konior in Chicago charges that, but don't know how big of a procedure that would be for, typically the more grafts you do the cheaper per graft.

And he's definitely one of the top doctors in high demand posting great results. If you are going to pay in that range I wouldn't assume just because they charge alot they are worth it, make sure they have a good amount of legitimate patient reviews that you can evaluate.

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