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I received a detailed estimate of the costs of an operation with dr. Koray, and I have 3 options: first, the whole procedure is run by the ASMED team; second, the procedure is run by the ASMED team except the phases of "incisions" and "checks after surgery" that are run by ASMED team OR Dr. Koray Erdogan (what does it mean? I don't understand...); third, the whole procedure is run by Dr. Koray Erdogan.

Notwithstanding, I guess, that the phase of plant of grafts (from what I hear) is always run by the ASMED team. 

Now I ask you: 

if the clinic always ensures a regrowth of 90%, what does it change between choosing the first, the second or the third option? Which option have you choosen? 

Thanks in advance to everyone!

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Ask the clinic for dr and tech involvement for each option. You don’t want to choose a option where the Dr just pops in occasionally. You want to know he has as much involvement as possible.Those options will be a varying degree of Dr and tech involvement. 
unless you choose the Dr Erdogan Option another Dr would do the incisions.

Search the forum for Asmed patient results. We have seen reports of varying involvement by Dr Erdogan.


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A clinic can't ensure or guarantee 90% growth... all they can do is promise to do their best for you, with any surgery there is always a risk and never a guarantee no matter how great and experience the surgeon is.

From my own procedure, if I remember rightly, Dr Feller extracted the strip and made the incisions in my scalp and then his team of technicians placed the grafts on rotations of 2 techs at a time to avoid fatigue.

It is..or at least was (8 years ago when i was on this forum all the time) pretty normal for a team of technicians to do a significant part of the surgery. There are some high profile exceptions where the named surgeon does everything though. The technicians are usually well paid and have been with a HT doctor for years honing their craft, because they're very important.

You want to choose a place where you a) know the doctor themselves will be massively involved b) the team have been together a long time. 

The main thing to be concerned by is if the surgeon has very minimal involvement - or you don't know who will be performing the surgery at all, which is usually big branded clinics with multiple locations. One doctor may be the face of the business but might not have any involvement in your actual case. 

I must admit, I wouldn't like being presented with these options and being asked to pay more for the doctor to be involved more. 

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Better question is , are you paying for staff or paying for a surgeon for surgery?  

doctors can also mess up, but you need to to keep minimal risks in all aspects of surgery.  If that means picking doctor over staff lessens your overall risk, then that may be a better option. 

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Like has been said, no one can guarantee % results, but the even better question is what are the price differences of those options and how much of a corresponding higher  "% growth guarantee" do you get? :D

Bottom line is doctors and technicians are cut from a different cloth so to speak, in terms of intelligence, focus, ability, dedication. The more doctor involvement the better and everyone really knows that regardless of any option or guarantee window dressings.

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