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African American / Curly Hair Story FUE

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So to sum this up , because I’m not into writing long blogs . I had a previous procedure with artas 2 years ago , poor growth and left nasty scar in back of head.

i have now Received 1500 grafts . About 1350 up front and 150 in the scar . I must say the work was beyond clean. This is 1 Day Post Up. I plan on keeping you guys updated again at month 3.
Some pics are after the first artas procedure with progressive hair loss , poor growth , and a bad scar in result

the others are the corrective procedure Received yesterday. 


I was also extremely cautious about my donor area. But I must say I give a 10/10 so far. Can’t wait to see how the growth comes into play, and thanks to this strategic doctor I have plenty more grafts for the future ! 


will be back for a update soon 











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I've seen you around the forum, i'm glad we're seeing more AA hair transplant logs, now you, @Norman Osborne Waves @Micky597 are logging your journey, it will be invaluable for those researching. The work looks extremely clean, since you didn't mention the name of the surgeon, i'm gonna take a guess and say that you went to Bisanga, am I right?

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  • Chances101 changed the title to African American / Curly Hair Story FUE

I know what it’s like to be a repair patient so I hope you get the awesome result you deserve. Work looks extremely clean. I like Melvin’s guess but I’m gonna guess Dr. Nadimi and if I’m right I’ve looked at way too many results and need to take a break from this forum.

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I remember us discussing things a few weeks back. Looks like you were able to get work scheduled and done very quickly. Your FUE extraction scarring is minimal due to a small punch being used. Being that you are of African descent, a smaller punch might be a disadvantage. But then again your hair characteristics is more wavy than it is tight and curly. And very true, you have a ton of donor left. Very interested in how your procedure turns out. All the best man.

As for the aloe vera gel, I bought a few real aloe plants and am cultivating them now :). It's yet another investment!


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