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Hi everyone,


I've heard of a few people on youtube/doctor's that some people combine both a hair transplant and FUE to have an illusion of a fuller head of hair, especially those with a lack of donor area/density. I'm wondering if anyone has done it here themselves or has any other useful links of individuals getting both procedures done? I have a few friends that are interested in doing hair restoration and would love to provide some examples of how both procedures can be combined to do so. 


Thanks everyone! 

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Hey man, I don't have any information or experience regarding SMP, but I read that it can help you camouflage the balding areas, making them seem fuller.

I'm also considering doing a SMP, to see if I can rock a bald look;

Right now I'm taking madications to make my hairs "stronger" for a transplant, and while I wait for my hair to get stronger, I hope they do, I wanted to try and rock a bald look.

I made a post about myself, If you want to take a look, feel free, I'd appreciate it.

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Hey @arkaZ yeah i know 3 people who've done the SMP procedure but i find that its usually noticeable when done on its own. Out of the 3 procedures i've seen, 1 of them i think was a little botched/done way too thick around the hairline and the other 2 came out pretty good but theres a shine to both people's head thats noticeable because they dont have much native hair to blend in with it even when buzzed. However, for both of these people I would say that it isn't noticeable to someone who doesn't know about the procedure and does a great job at framing their faces and makes them look a lot younger. I was wondering about a combined procedure because i would think it would interesting to see how much thicker SMP could make a transplant look. I'll give your post a look at! 

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