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This may be a hard question to answer since there may not be much information about how the two might correlate, but for the medical professionals out there reading, can a long term fast negatively effect the outcome of a hair transplant?

I am three months out since my last surgery.  At this point my grafts are anchored and are in the process of growing out.  Since I had body hairs at part of the transplant I can expect regrowth to occur past the 12 month point.

From what I have read about fasting and it's impact on hair growth is that shedding can occur, but the hair does regrow, it just goes dormant.  This is for native hair however.  Is there any knowledge on if this can permanently stop transplanted telogen grafts from growing?  Or once they are anchored they will behave like any other hairs when the body is faced with prolonged lack of nutrients and just be delayed?

My two fasts have been 20 days in 2018 and 30 days earlier this year.  It consists of water and electrolytes.  For health reasons I plan to do this periodically and was hoping to do so again in 2020.

I'm not soliciting advice from those who have never heard of extended water fasting and want to chip in with their speculation.  I don't find that useful.

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Definitely the first time I encounter such a question! Congrats @AB2000


So extended water fasts can surely induce a state of shock loss or telogen effluvium as our body would consider hair cycling as non essential function. This however should go back to its norm within around 6 months after completion, provided you go back to a healthy balanced diet. Transplanted hairs should not really act differently. There most likely will be a delay in cyclin and the initial dormant stage might be extended to beyond the first 3 months. However, there is no reason that transplanted hairs will act differently to normal cycling hairs once implanted beyond a certain period of time. My assumption is that there will be delayed growth nonetheless. 

Again this is just my opinion based on what I know about extended fasting and hair loss. I dont believe there is solid evidence yet in literature about this in particular. 

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Intermittent fasting, not just stopping everything is beneficial for your body to function properly. It is part of what I do as seen in my signature. Liquid fasts IMO are terrible. Your body needs nutrients to function, even something as small as blinking your eye. Drinking just liquids is not smart. FYIO I have done intermittent fasting for 60 days with no issues whatsoever. 

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