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I am debating on whether I should wait until more hair falls off/thins out (I rarely notice hair falling off). My hair is thinning and I’m not sure if I should get an HT in the next few months. 

Im 28 years old and I’m not sure if I should go for my HT this year. What do you think? How many grafts would you recommend? 

-ps A hair transplant clinic that I am talking to informed me to get 3800-4200 grafts. 


Edit: I’m currently on finasteride 1mg per day and topical minoxidil. I also take Biotin daily 






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Did the loss start in your teens/early 20s or just a few years ago? Looks like you have some dipping in the back, hard to say how much, or thick because you grow your hair out so long. Any pre-covid pics when you were getting it cut? When did you start fin/min and has it helped you maintain or even regrow any? takes about a year to fully evaluate how much you are benefiting, if at all. How recently your loss started, how aggressive its been progressing, how much the finasteride slows it down are really important in your case because you've already lost more than alot of guys much older than you.



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Im guessing your a Norwood 6.  I could certainly be wrong but I would guess two strip surgeries followed by a FUE add on.  Assuming of course you have enough stable donor hair.  Maybe 6000-8000 grafts.  Cost 25-30 grand if done in USA.   You might spend 2 or 3 years of your life waiting for hair to come in.  Get eval from several top docs B4 you do anything.  Otherwise, shave your head and see if you like it.  Their is light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is VERY long and Very dark. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  Kinda depends on what your goal is.  I would start with the front hair line and work back.    Density is life.....


Good luck..

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Of course, the risk is losing the rest of your native hair with the trauma from surgery.  You're eventually going to lose it anyways but if you have surgery expect on having to go in for a 2nd round to compensate for the additional loss.  

Good that you are fin.  Stay on it!  What HT clinics/surgeons are you considering?  That's the most important factor in your decision.  

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Have you tried Minoxidil?

Your donor looks good, the balding shows potential to NW6, I represent HDC clinic with a free consultant, need more pics of your scalp above if a natural hair won't get hurt in a procedure, if the clinic will determine its too early you can till you reach 30+

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