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This client had a FUE surgery done overseas and was understandably unhappy with the results. Unfortunately they used a large punch for donor extractions and packed them too close together which prevented him from wearing the short hairstyle he prefers. We treated the scars in two sessions (he may require a third). 







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Wow that extraction pattern is awful...much worse then a standard linear scar. Great work here....it is a huge improvement. With the huge increase of awful clinics doing fue procedures there is going to be an increased demand for SMP into fue scars so it’s great to see more examples. Is filling in bad fue scars like this still easier then doing an fut scar or are they both equally as challenging?

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Definite improvement on the scar concealment. It looks like they botched the hair pattern in the recipient area too -these rows of lines -I'm assuming you didn't put any smp there?

I'm thinking the only way to fix/improve that would be to maybe extract some of those hairline grafts and use smp to give a more randomized pattern?



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Thank you. FUE and Strip scars both present unique challenges. Any scarring is difficult though and can be unpredictable as it's not normal, healthy, vascular tissue.



The client did not want to treat the frontal zone. I agree though that they best way to fix would be remove and redistribute the grafts or fill in-between with SMP or single hair follicular units to make it irregular and to soften it. 

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