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Does Rogaine effect transplanted hairs?

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I have been using topical Minoxidil for 2 years. If I stop using it will my transplanted hairs fall out permanently? The only positive I see is that my hair appears thicker but I still continue to lose native hairs

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Yea minoxidil effects hairs all over your head, and potentially other parts of your body too. Since your transplanted hair should have come from your donor area (assuming your HT doc did a good job), that's the most DHT resistant hair, and it will likely stick around for a long time regardless of whether you use minoxidil. But depending on your genetics, DHT levels, and how long you live, down the road even that hair can succumb to loss -but that's what DHT blockers like finasteride are for, they help protect the hairs from DHT, keeping the hair follicles producing visible hair, and the minoxidil just helps to thicken and extend the growth cycles of those hairs.


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