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How to courier Finasteride medicine from India to USA? Any other service which can be used to get finasteride tablets in USA?

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Hi, I got my HT done from India's clinic. I ran out of finasteride tablets, was thinking to go for follow up and get more when I go to india , but due to covid I think I do not want to travel. 
I am in the US. Finasteride is a prescription drug, my PCP won'r prescribe me. 
Any way I can get finasteride in the USA without prescription? Or can I use a medicine courier service who can ship?

I used fedex for courier, but shipment got returned by fedex saying this medicine can't leave india and delivered in USA. 
Help needed. 

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By PCP -assuming you mean primary care physician -unless you have had some kind of medical testing done or a condition that the doctor discovered making them concerned, I'm surprised to hear of a doctor in the US not prescribing it. The drug has been around for decades taken safely by millions, and alot of them at the higher dosage for prostate issues. I've gotten prescriptions through my PCP and even the HT doctor I went to for my procedures, no big deal. Maybe the doctor disagrees that you are starting to lose any hair yet?


Personally I'd be concerned about getting medications like that from overseas areas like China, India. If I were you I'd call around to some doctor offices (primary care or dermatologist) in your area and tell the receptionist your situation, that you are experiencing hair loss and have had a transplant to help improve your appearance, and that you want the finasteride to help limit further loss, and if the doctor has any professional or patient history experience that makes them reluctant to prescribe finasteride.



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