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Are these shampoos safe to use after transplant?

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10 minutes ago, JohnAC71 said:

You will not lose your grafts. They were secure after day 10. You will be fine using it. It will definitely shift the flakes. 


7 minutes ago, JohnAC71 said:

I have used this many times when needed. After x5 Hts and never had any issues. On the contrary infact it works really well. 
After clearing the flakes i then used baby shampoo going forward.

Ok thanks for advice! Which one did you use? Dandrazol or Nizoral?

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They are safe to use after a few weeks. For the first few weeks you should use baby shampoo.

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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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My post op instructions as follows: 

For the first two weeks, use the baby shampoo mixture we provided. After two weeks you can use your regular shampoo and conditioner again. 

DONT use Nizarol or Head and shoulders for 3 months after your surgery. They are too strong for your new grafts. Wait 3 months after your surgery and limit to their use to 3 times a week. 

hope that helps 

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Baby shampoo or antibacterial shampoo if provided by the clinic.

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10 days post op is playing it safe, and acceptable in my opinion, to re-start any medicated dandruff shampoos like Nizoral or H&S.  My doc's instructions were after 5 days I could resume my regular shampoo. It only takes days for the little incision and extraction wounds to close up and the scabs to form over and then shed off. We're talking about shampoo, it works on the skin level, not under the skin where the hair follicles are.


No offense @TorontoMan, but I question some of the post op instructions forum members are given. There was one guy on here recently who started a topic posting that his doctor's instructions where to lather his normal daily shampoo up and apply it to his head -and leave it on for like 20 minutes before rinsing it off the first week!

Generally I side with following these instructions exactly, even if they don't make practical or medical sense, so that should you get a sub-par result you can confront your doctor with a clear conscience when discussing what may have gone wrong. And when it comes to what does make medical sense, alot of the differences in my doc says x days and your doctor says y days to do this or that comes down to what the doctors think about how well their patients are going to follow the instructions.


If you have a dandruff/skin irritation issue that is being managed by the medicated shampoo don't put yourself through the pointless suffering of going months without it. I did some searching online and not finding anything about damaging HT results months or even weeks after the procedure. I would need to see some evidence before changing my mind on that.

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