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Aussie Surgeons: Vikram Jayaprakash and Russell Knudsen

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Hey all,

Just wondering if any Aussies have had experience with these two surgeons?

They are part of the Knudsen clinic, which is somewhat well-known in Aus.

I know there is really no reputable surgeons in Australia, hence why we all go overseas, but I was watching their videos on YouTube (they have a hairloss info channel) - and got curious.

I already have an appointment overseas, but I was considering visiting them to get a donor assessment. 

Their videos are actually a great source of info. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEynrVyBV6o - here's a link to some of their content.

Thanks everyone.


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Ray woods in Australia is the inventor of fue but to today’s standards his results and graft numbers are not up to par. Never heard of anyone else recommended from there. The only place nearby where I’d consider a ht would be with dr path in Thailand. He seems very reputable with some great results posted here.

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visited them 2 years ago - some guy walked in after me who i assumed was also there for a consultation - turns out he was a patient and considered a "success". Cant say my consultation was all that informative either (when i asked about my donor Knudsen said "i could have 5,6,7 transplants, as many i wanted" even though every other clinic online told me i had hit donor depletion). I believe I paid somewhere around $50-100 for that consultation. 

In terms of results Knudsen has issues with density, so much so I think this should be obvious from their results page online. Ive also seen it in a few cases here. 

Vikram seems the far better doc from the one or two patient results ive seen so might be worth talking to, but given the price in aud and overall quality i think your best bet is to look elsewhere (like Thailand as @LonelyGraft suggested).

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I don’t know enough about them to say anything, I’ve seen their show on YouTube, they seem like nice guys. 

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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They probably aren't bad and fall into the very conservative HT Surgeon bracket along side the likes of Bernstein, Farjo, Carmen etc.  That is not a bad thing in itself, but less likely to please younger patients.

I had a quick look at some results and not sure I rate the hairline artistry tbh.

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Their YouTube videos are just spurting the same info you'd find anywhere online man. They are obviously knowledgeable, though you would hope so being a surgeon.


I have met a few former patients and their results were so under par the PGA came and gave them  each a gold jacket.


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I have seen them both and had a consultation with both. I saw Dr Vikram about three and a half years ago. I wouldn't touch them. Why? Because they don't have the skill set that other top hair transplant surgeons do overseas. When I saw Dr Vic he said I could have a hair transplant whereby my hairline would be created to frame my face with some grafts placed in the forelock region and a 'few scattered around.' I informed him of other surgeons who used beard hair as a donor source to which he replied he could do it but it's too 'difficult to perform.' I asked him about body hair and he said he had performed surgery with chest hair on about a dozen patients who were successful in growing hair. I asked him if he could show me the results and he said he only performed the first body hair transplant 12 months prior. I then asked him how can he know if they were successful if nearly all of them were performed less than a year ago! He wasn't interested in the rest of my questions. 

Dr Knudsen was trained by Dr Richard Shiell (who performed the first hair transplant in Australia in 1967 and whom I admire greatly). Dr Knudsen seems like a nice guy but again doesn't have the skill set to match other hair transplant surgeons. For your own sake, if you live in Australia or New Zealand, do not get a hair transplant here!!!!!! In addition the costs here are on a par with some of the world's best hair transplant surgeons! It was also Dr Shiell who I am ever so grateful too for knocking me back for a hair transplant after I had two failed ones and he also did some of the repair work on my donor scars. Again, in closing for the cost of a few days of your life and a return plane ticket do not bother with anyone in Australia. I think I've had a consult with nearly all of them.

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