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Hair transplant experience 3690 grafts, Amman, Jordan, Dr Taleb Barghouthi

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Hello everyone, I would like to share my hair transplant experience!

I am 26 yo, living and working in Jordan, Amman. I started suffering from androgenic Alpoecia 4 years ago, and noticed generalized hair thinning with prominent balding at the crown region. I decided to do a hair transplant last year, and started the journey by looking for the best clinics in the region, lots of people told me about Turkey, however I was hesitant about going there for personal reasons, so i started looking for a clinic here in Jordan, and a friend recommended vertex hair clinic, long story short, I went there and met with dr Taleb, he saw my case, examined my scalp and thinning hair, and addressed all my questions and worries. eventually, i booked for the surgery on the 14th and 15th of march 2020, and received the pre-surgery instructions. 

The surgery extended over 2 sessions , each session was around 7 hours including rest, and lunch.

The surgery went very smoothly, but the worse thing was the local anesthesia, it was so painful, otherwise I was comfortable and in fact enjoyed my time chit-chatting with Dr Taleb and his lovely staff.

overall rating:

Clinic: Amazing atmosphere, very elegant decoration, and the music is very nice

Location: The clinic is located in Abdoun, a very nice neighborhood in Amman, parking is available.

Staff: professional, and very friendly.



I am writing this thread on the 14th of september 2020, 6 months exactly after the hair transplant, i received one PRP session, and I was on minoxidil 5% and finasteride 1mg for the past 5 months.

check attached picture for surgery day hair, and 6 month after surgery, doctor Taleb said its 50% of the results, so I am really expecting a great result in the upcoming 6 months.

one nice thing i noticed is the donor area, it healed very well, no scaring at all. 


That's my story in a nutshell, I am really satisfied with the results, and hopefully better results are yet to come.

will keep you updated.


pre 3.jpg

pre 4.jpg





post 2.jpg



6 month 2.jpg

6 month 3.jpg

6 month 4.jpg

6 month 5.jpg

6 month.jpg

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