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I have no experience on long hair SMP (anyone?) -  but the concept of SMP is to give the illusion of hair on a bald head.  On a head with long hair it would probably just look like a dark colored scalp under your hair. Therein most likely lies your answer why there is so little info...

I'm serious.  Just look at my face.


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The guy who did smp on my fut scar had his done. He still had good density on top so it blended in very well with his hair.  It didnt look like a dark scalp where you could tell it was smp because he had the density to pull it off.  The obvious reason to do it is to camaflouge the disparity of the white scalp contrast to your hair color so it gives the illusion you have more density than you actually do.  

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We personally do some selective cases of long hair SMP on both males and females. It usually involves certain areas that have mild to moderate loss. Not recommended for advanced loss as it is important to have some hair around to give the illusion of added density. It is important to also pay attention to maintenance so as to prevent further hair loss and further loss where possible. I still believe that SMP is best for a shaved head look, for scar (FUT and FUE camouflage) and for quick density touch ups after a HT if needed. 

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There's a guy on youtube who reports on bodybuilding - Dave Palumbo.

He's had a - not that great HT in the past - and I remember he did a video about a year ago explaning he got SMP added.  I think he said his sister started a business doing it.

Prior to this he used a heavy amount of concealers which didnt look great.

His channel is RX Muscle.  If you search SMP you might find his video.

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I’m definitely interested in SMP for my crown, because my surgeon said I don’t have enough donor hair to cover my entire head. I can’t decide how natural it would look, the goal would be to act as a permanent concealer.

I think you have to have a good amount of hair. I found Ahead Ink in NJ post on this forum and they have some before and afters or longer hair smphttps://www.aheadink.com/gallery/thickening-effect-before-and-after. Obviously these are probably only the best results ever if they are on the site.

It might look strange at angles if your scalp is dark but there is no hair. They have tricopigmentation (sp?) which is temporary but you have to get it touched up every 6 months to a year. So I’m thinking that would be one way to test.


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