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(first time poster) Almost 9 months post op. Are my results good/average/ subpar?

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5 hours ago, HLPToronto said:

great result ! Heard good things about HMR/Dr Cortez. Would you mind sharing high level idea around their FUE pricing per graft or is it per package with unlimited grafts ( turkey style :)

Here is a review that perhaps shows the downside of a "flat" package deal...not sure how to digest but its only one data point:



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6 hours ago, JohnAC71 said:

Looks fantastic 😀 you must be really happy with it 

I am! I think for my age my doctor did a good job of being conservative, but still providing me with good hair coverage. Plus the placement of the hair shafts is on par with what I remember as a young 20 year old. I can either keep it as is or go back for a small procedure for density, either way I can live happy with what I have now 👍

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Good for you.  Looks like really nice results.  I’m sure you’re very happy so far with your progress.  You’re a young guy so I’m sure you will keep an eye on any natural hair loss down the road.  Sometimes these surgeries can be tricky with young guys who are still losing hair.  I’m sure you will stay on top of things.  You may not need a future surgery but start putting a little bit of money aside each month so you will have some savings 5-10 years from now for a 2nd procedure.  Hopefully you won’t need one.

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I have a couple questions for the veterans. Keep in mind, although I'm very happy I also have some thoughts:


1. Is it normal to not achieve the density you want with 1 transplant? 


2. Is it normal for the transplanted hair to be darker than native hair?


3. Is it normal to have a transplanted spot that seems to have lagged behind in terms of density?

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