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Hey guys! I recently underwent a FUE hair transplant to fill in recession around my hairline and temples.

To recap my background: I'm 28 and have been on finasteride for about 5 years. Fin stalled my hairloss but some of the damage had been done by the time I got on it, and I've become more self conscious of my hairline ever since. I figure I was a Norwood II to III. So I took the plunge to get a hair transplant about a month ago thanks in part to this community!

I don't want to share the name of my surgeon here, since I've seen how they can significantly bias people's perspectives. But I will say that he is considered at the top of his game where I'm from. And I had a very pleasant experience with him and his team of 5 technicians who worked on me.

As you can see, the plan we came up with was the keep the hairline pretty much as is, lowering it by only 0.5cm, to fill in the temples, and add a bit more density to the forelock. (Keep in mind looking at the photos that they shaved about 5-10cm into my hairline the day of surgery.) In total, I got about 1700 FUEs and 3500 hairs.

As time has passed since the date of surgery, my mind is racing from browsing this forum, since I look at other threads here and question my results so far. In particular, I'm concerned about density since I've seen other people use upwards of 2500 grafts for what seems to be the same amount of area. (Though I realize head sizes vary, and I have seen great results with similar number of grafts like this one). The doctor I went with said 1700 was enough, and that number wasn't due to cost constraints. 

I'm hoping to get an objective opinion on how this transplant looks at this early stage — especially with regard to density and design.  (Yes, I know it takes 12-18 months to really know the outcome. :D) Partly this is to ease my mind, partly this is for me to plan ahead since many top docs have a 1 year+ waiting list if I need to do a second surgery.

Below are images of 1) pre-op with new hairline; 2) immediate post op; 3) two week post op; 4) three weeks post op (with about 15-20% shedding)

Thanks guys. I'll try to keep you updated as things come along!









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It depends on your particular donor quality and goals. If you truly went to a great surgeon, you’ll probably be pleased, whatever the graft count. I had maybe 2 times as much area to cover, and my surgeon said he could deliver good results with maybe a little over 2k grafts. I decided to go with more grafts using FUT because I wanted a certain density and body on top of coverage. I might have pushed for a little more in your shoes, seeing how dense the hair is behind the recipient, but the right surgeon can do a lot with that. A bad surgeon could use a thousand more grafts and deliver less.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Some of the top doctors are able to get great coverage using less number of grafts than what you might see from other clinics. Look at Dr Konior for example of how he achieves great coverage with much less grafts compared to others. I think 1700 looks very good for that area. Also it's better for you in the long run, look after your donor area. The work looks clean, so no need to stress.

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I had 1700 grafts with a similar level of loss. Mine was probably worse infact. You will be suprised how far grafts can go in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

EDIT: & I just realised you already had a link to my thread😅

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