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Dr Arika Bensal FUE DHT of 3000 graft , India, clinic Eugenix

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A few months after my FUE DHT at EUGENIX in India on February 25, I finally take the time to share my experience on this Forum.
me: Mr, 55 years old, NW4. on minoxidil for 25 years, I started to lose hair since  age 30 years old.
FUE of 3000 grafts

The reasons why I chose EUGENIX:
The choice of the surgeon was very difficult for me, with a lot of concern and questions about the procedures (manual or motorized extraction or ARTAS, DHI implantation, or not etc.) on the professionalism of the surgeons, and on the costs, and I will give the main reasons that made me choose EUGENIX clinic, India:

 1) First of all Arika Bensal (https://www.eugenix.in/dr-arika-bansal.html) is a world class surgeon, Gold Medal MD AIIMS (the most prestigious school in India), ABHRS , ISHRS, IAHRS. She founded  the EUGENIX clinic with her husband Dr. Pradeep Sethi who is also MD AIIMS and IAHRS.

 2) The DHT (Direct Hair Transplant) procedure developed by EUGENIX is unique. This procedure involves extracting the graft and implanting it as quickly as possible. Thus the chances of survival    of the graft are maximized and regrowth can be faster. Experiments and scientific publications have proven the benefit of DHT.
Oddly enough this procedure is not used in Europe, probably because it complicates the task of the surgeon. In any case, it is easy to understand that the faster the graft is reimplanted, the better. In Turkey, some surgeon proceeds by iteration of 500 grafts. Eugenix goes much further, it's graft after graft ...

3) The cost of the procedure is competitive
Certainly because the Clinic is located in India, the cost is much lower than other prestigious European, USA and Turkish surgeons who are referenced like Férudini , schools, bizanga, koray Erdogan, Mwanba, lupanzula etc.

There are 3 different prices per graft  depending on Arika's level of involvement, but the price is always competitive. The minimum price is 80 rupees (1 euro / graft)

4) Other technical criteria

  • Very good FTR (Follicle Transection Rate). This is a taboo subject, but the FTR can reach 30%, and depends on a lot of parameters like the equipment used, the expertise, the talent, the fatigue of the surgeon. Arika BANSAL demonstrated an extraction of 100 grafts in less than 3 minutes without transection at the 2014 ISHRS Annual Meeting in Malaysia !  possible to Check  on international presentation section of the page
  • Motorized FUE with Doctor Cole's PCID micromotor : less fatigue than manual FUE therefore less risk on the FTR and faster procedure
  • Use of a patented implanter : no manipulation of the root
  • Use of a high-performance microscope

5) Good opinions on Indian forums: there are many very positive user opinions on Eugenix. The results are natural and undetectable.

6) The Eugenix clinic : modern, to the highest standards. 2 nights are offered with full board in the clinic. PRP treatment is included in the packaged offer.

7) The possibility of combining the transplant with a vacation in India or another Asian country at a reduced cost because there are cheap flights from New Delhi to Thailand, Philippines, Bali, Nepal etc.  But my choice was to stay in India, there is a lot to to see !

Here is the report of my operation of February 25:

First of all, I always had great confidence, before, during and after the FUE procedure because the clinic met all my criteria.

Then, I must add that for getting more information, I had consulted several others clinics for evaluations and the N ° 1 clinic in Turkey (no need to indicate the name, it is very well known) had advised me against FUE by arguing that my donor area was poor and that I had not very mature areas, blah blah blah (I kept the email) ... I deduce that some clinics, however very famous, only take simple and easy cases, but it should be the the opposite : a competent and reputable clinic should be interested in complicated cases ! Obviously,  I did not listen to the advice of the No.1 clinic in Turkey ...

Finally and in a very synthetic way, I can say that I am very satisfied with my operation, as well as my vacation in India. I am planning to go back in 2021, possibly for an additional vertex transplant! The results are simply excellent. My new frontal line is a real treat that I enjoy every day. I gained confidence, serenity, confidence. I am more photogenic

I invite you to view the photos at different time intervals (at the very end of my post).

It is important to specify that it is impossible to detect that I had a transplant, on the one hand because the results are very natural and on the other hand because there is no redness or scars. on the recipient area and that there are no white spots on the donor area even after shaving!

I want to clarify that I have no financial interest with EUGENIX. My approach is to help you choose. Indeed, having been there, I know how difficult it is to choose the right surgeon and the right technology. I would have liked to have had the operation earlier, but I would have had to be guided, advised, reassured. So if my post can help you, I'll be happy to. 

If you opt for EUGENIX, you can say hello to the whole team from me and I will also be delighted to have your feedback by email: sal (… and further…) sandy (… and further…) @hotmail .fr or better by whatsapp +336 51 then 07 09 04

Detailed course of the procedure
I contacted the clinic at https://www.eugenix.in/ , exchanged photos, obtained a video consultation with Dr. Arika, obtained a quote by email and set a date for the intervention.

Then I paid Eugenix a deposit. The transfer is done easily, with almost no fees, using the transferwise application (do not use the Android mobile version which crashes when paying).

The day before the operation, February 24, I arrived at the clinic. Nelson (a psychologist) is responsible for accompanying me throughout the stay at the clinic, ensuring my well-being, answering very well and patiently my often very technical questions. This is a very valuable, even essential help, it made my experience even more enjoyable.

After some administrative formalities, blood test, medical check-up, Arika Bansal draws an impeccable forehead line, then pictures are taken, then I am taken to an internal suite at the Eugenix clinic. The comfort of the Room is royal (approximately 40 m2, television, armchair, terrace). The conditions are perfect for a good night's sleep before the operation!

The next day at 9:30 am, the procedure begins. It’s very professional, I am taken care of from start to finish. The staff is friendly. The operating room is modern and macularly clean. It is possible to watch a movie on a TV screen.
After a painless anesthesia, the procedure takes place on my shaved head.

In the option I chose, Arika Bansal performs all incisions and most follicule extractions. About 4 others technicians and doctors coordinate to perform tasks immediately after follicule extraction: harvesting the graft, checking, counting out loud the number of hairs, writing the count in a table, loading the graft into the implanter and implantation of the graft in the incision.

The procedure is painless and I fall asleep. After the lunch break, the procedure continues to end around 6 p.m. After another photo shoot, I am escorted to my room. it is important to rest, and be extremely careful with the grafts. The first nights, I sleep in a semi-seated position.

After 2 nights at the hotel, and several good small meals ordered à la carte, I left the clinic for a tourist tour of Rajasthan.



1867124321_0avantdessus.thumb.jpg.3cc7000b3b2a01b9eeb5dc5964e4aa9a.jpgday 0 : before 





Day 0 just after the FUE


Day 0 : just after the FUE


Day 0 : just after the FUE, on evening



Day 2 



Day 3



Day 4



Day 4 : hair is growing !



Day 6 . pretty crusts. The grafts grow and this is reassuring because the graft has probably been able to connect to a small blood vessel to supply itself with nutrients. Phew !



Day 6



Day 6 : the donor area is filled



Day 7   :



Day 7  : 



Day 10: there is a very slight difference in color on the skull, but in reality it is imperceptible. Nobody notices.



Day 10 : the crusts are all gone after the shampoo of the 8th day. it's clean . there is hair !! awesome



Day 10 well covered donor area. We no longer see any traces.


Day 11 there is a very slight difference in color on the skull, but in reality it is imperceptible. Nobody notices 



Day 14 : the grafts have grown well!



Day 19 



Day 24  



Day 26. donor area  shaved :  we do not see any scar ! there is just a slight difference in color.



Day 26 : growth continues but several hairs fall



Day 26 : 



Day 52 ( 2.5 months) :  the hair has fallen out, but that's part of the process.



Day 90 



Day 90 :  Donor area shaved. Even with a magnifying glass we do not see white dots ! but I have white hair :(:(



Day 90 : regrowth is accelerating!



Day 120  significant regrowth between the 3 rd month and 4 th month. Very happy.




Day 133 (4.5 months later) : it grows back, too quickly! You have to give me time to adapt. LOL (but no, I'm kidding, 🙂



Day 138  : very satisfied. what happiness!



5 months later. Hair completely soaked




5 months later. Apparently, the results will improve even more because my wife saw a lot of hair growing back, using a magnifying glass.



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2 minutes ago, JohnAC71 said:

This is very good early growth. it’s really only going to get even better from here on out!

Please do keep us all updated. 

it is said DHT procedure permit to have early growth. And i Think it worked for me :)   

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Great write-up, we were the first western organization to recognize Eugenix. Thanks to patients like @harin who shared his journey here back in 2015. They’ve grown to prove they’re one of the very best. 

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