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Did I ruin my hair transplant 6 months post op

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So I am 6 months post op on my second hair transplant. Things are filling up slowly. In the past few weeks I have noticed a lot of fine hair in my hair line.

Few days ago after my haircut I took a shower and scrub my scalp harder than usual and after my shower it looks like I rubbed off a lot of previously transplanted hair but also I couldn't notice any of those newly fine growing hair.

I am wondering if it's possible to ripped off or damaged newly growing graft at 6 months post op ?

I've been shedding lots of hair lately so I am hoping it is only a shed.

 The first two Pictures are before shower and the last two are after


Thanks for the reading





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Hi Seb1928 - is there any update on how your 2nd hair transplant is progressing? I am considering getting a 2nd hair transplant to add density. I am concerned about shock loss- especially permanent of grafts from the 1st transplant.

Have your shock loss grafts recovered? How are you feeling about the 2nd procedure?  

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