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Hello forum users, i would like to share my experience with Asmed of Istanbul. 
After making the first meeting with Asmed, hair transplantation was planned for the next 3 months due to high demand. I was invited to the clinic 3 days ago to count my hair follicles in the donor area and to determine and draw the planting area. I was excited. The Asmed team sincerely encouraged me for good future days.
My operation was done in 2 days with a day of rest in between. So 3 days in total. 
Operation Period
On September 16, at 7 in the morning, when I came to Asmed Clinic, everyone I saw was smiling and energetic. They heartily supported me for making the right decision. Narcosistors and nurses explained the process I will live in all details. I entered the operation room without any worries. I started laughing when I saw my own photos on the walls. I was everywhere. When you look carefully at the photos, there were numbers and signs on all of them. Everything was planned mathematically. Operation started with a superb music. 2500 root transfers were performed on the first operation day. It was peaceful to hear the voice of Doctor Koray Erdogan in the background and to talk about it occasionally. The operation took 7 hours.Everything was in line with the plan.
Then I took my place in one of the beautiful rooms inside the Asmed Clinic. The attention of the nurses, the fine meals prepared in the kitchen, and the foods that suit everyone's mouth taste made me feel at home. On that day, we met guests from the 7 different countries for the same purpose. Our common language was English. Everybody shared how he met Asmed and Doctor Koray Erdoğan and how many  hair root transfers were planned with live music. It was like a 3-day happiness camp for all of us. I guess that every guest has a guide in the language he speaks, which is rare in the world.
I spent the night with pleasure without any pain relief and woke up to the new day. We had breakfast with other guests and got into chat. Some of them played billiards and listened to music. Then the guests who went to their rooms to rest ate dinner with live music.
3rd Day
According to Dr. Koray Erdogan's plan, I prepared and entered the last operation. I returned to my room with joy as if I had won a big match after 8.5 hours. All technical information was explained in every detail before and after the operation. They said it was very successful and everything was fine. They told me to wait patiently that I would get good results after 12-18 months.
After having a pleasant dinner and listening to music with other guests, I went to my room to relax. Time to leave. After the last checks, the first 10 days, 30 days and 60 days were explained with a simple table. During my stay in Asmed clinic, I had no difficulty. Already from the moment you enter the Asmed Clinic through the door, all team members manage to reduce the stress of the guests by 70% in the first minutes with their positive attitude. Within 24 hours, absolutely everyone is in good mood. More than 100 employees working in harmony, being sincere within the framework of professionalism and working completely scientific impressed me very much in Asmed Clinic.
promises. Asmed Clinic said that there will be a nice change in my hair in 12-18 months, based on average data. But everyone around me began to notice the change in me at the end of the 5th month. On the 7th month, I let my hair cut for the fourth time. It’s been 10 months yet. I feel 10 years younger.


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