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FUE repair of failed FUE cases and discussion by Dr. Lindsey

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I've posted lots of cases and videos where I preach strip over fue and particularly for repair cases.  I've also posted a few cases of fue repair of fue or even strip.  


Well here's another FUE repair of FUE.  2 younger men each had virtually zero growth from automated fue procedures....likely because hairs were transplanted without viable roots...or no roots whatsoever.   The patient never knows....and frankly, without magnifyers....the doctor (if a doctor is actually performing the surgery...or a rent a tech is in some cases around here) wouldn't know either.  

So we discuss these issues, show you a nice beefy FUE graft and show the before and early postop on these 2 guys...just so you newbies know what to ask at your consultation.


Lastly, I repeat that FUE is ideal IF:  1  you don't need a ton of hair   2.  you have to wear a short haircut   3.  and you have thicker donor hairs with stronger roots.


Know these issues and discuss the pros and cons with your doctor..not a salesman...before you commit to surgery.  There is never a reason to rush into this for a bargain.


The video is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mNcyh9EQYc&feature=youtu.be


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

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Thank you for the video Dr.Lindsey!

Quick question: Are you able to provide lifetime donor capacity for patients based on examining their hair quality?

What I mean is: by examining a patients donor, perhaps with a microscope, could you give an estimate such as:

With FUE only procures: 6000 grafts

FUT + FUE: 7500 grafts

Multiple FUT: 7000 grafts.

Something like this?


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On 8/5/2020 at 4:01 AM, giegnosiganoe said:

Does not having "thicker donor hairs with stronger roots" not matter for FUT?


Thicker, stronger hairs hold on to the surrounding tissue much better, so when a FUE graft is pulled out it is much more likely to be intact and have a good follicle root. Thinner hairs have more tendency to easily rip out of the follicle and also is more delicate to implant, thus they have a tendency to not grow as well. FUT grafts are cut from a strip of hair, so the techs can cut thicker grafts that will stay together even if the hairs are thin.


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