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Has this happened to anyone else 3-4 days post op?

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Hello everyone,

I am 4 days post op & was instructed to gently pour water over my newly transplanted grafts. However, the grafts started to bulge out. Has this happened to anyone else?





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32 minutes ago, ruca2 said:

It looks like scabbing that just softened because of the water. I wouldn't be too concerned. 

Thank you, bro. I truly appreciate the response!

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This looks completely normal and most likely the scabs being softened by the water - which is a good thing! Make sure that you follow the post-op care instructions and don't be "too precious" with the scalp in the days and weeks to come. After the first 72 hours, your grafts are mostly completely set and it would be difficult to dislodge them. A lot of times, the fear of dislodging the grafts leads guys to not being thorough enough with the washing and severe scabbing can occur - so whatever post-op instructions your doctor gave you, make sure to follow through with them as closely as possible. :)

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