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Dosages are typically determined at inception. Proscar, the parent medication is a 5 mg dose.  It was then determined 1 mg is what is needed to experience hair retention. I honestly I don't think changing the dose would have you retain 5X more.  The chances of a side effect, however, would jump up 5X.

Google Merck studies on Propecia. I am certain there is lots of info out there.

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yea 1mg is what they found would still give the hair retention benefits, so they got a drug patent to sell you less of the same drug for more, calling it propecia instead of proscar. 


“There are dose-ranging clinical studies that show finasteride 1mg is just as good as finasteride 5mg,” explains Dr. Jerry Shapiro, one of the Keeps medical advisors. “So there’s no reason to prescribe a higher dosage.”

In other words, finasteride 1mg is wholly sufficient. Finasteride 5mg will not help you treat male pattern hair loss any better than 1mg would.

You may be asking, “Then why does finasteride 5mg even exist? What’s the point of it?” Because while finasteride 5mg isn’t necessary to treat androgenic alopecia, it’s highly effective in treating another medical condition in males.

According to Keeps medical advisor Dr. Antonella Tosti, “Finasteride 1mg is approved for treatment of male pattern hair loss while finasteride 5mg is approved for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia,” which is an enlarged prostate gland. In fact, finasteride was initially developed to treat prostate gland enlargement and prostate cancer, not hair loss. It wasn’t until 1997, five years after the FDA approved it to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, that it was officially approved to help stop male pattern baldness.

Bottom line: “Finasteride 5mg is not more effective than finasteride 1mg in the treatment of male pattern hair loss,” Dr. Tosti says.

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7 hours ago, Blower said:

i have far too many sides on Finasteride...  but after looking at this 0.25 even3 times a week sounds feasible now

Yes, if you can stop the rot or at least slow it down. MWF or even MF may work for you.

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1 hour ago, Blower said:

hi mate what does that mean lol?

pretty sure he's abbreviating the days of the week, little less brevity here .. Mon Wed Fri or Mon Fri :D


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