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Could I naturally and safely lower hairline ?

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I am 30 yo, Norwood 2-ish,  first noticed frontal thinning at around 25. It’s been a very slow progression that seems to have halted, or at least halts for long periods. I’m not even sure how much worse my hair is now than when I saw 25... it’s worse but not dramatically worse. That’s why I feel like if I do a transplant now, plus exploration of other treatment options, I could enjoy many years with good hair.  

By safely lowering the hairline, I mean not damaging my forehead muscle strands. You will see on the pics they are quite high. Some clinics have said I could do this, others said it’s not possible. 

Please share your thoughts about my case 








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Posted (edited)

Forehead muscle strands? never heard that given as a factor in addressing hair loss before on the forums or my own experience with ht doctors. The hair follicles are at the skin level above the muscles so not an issue I would think. How did that get on your radar? do you have any medical conditions/factors, etc?

Anyway, you still have alot of hair and are pretty young -have you tried finasteride, minoxidil or a combination of the two yet? You may be able to restore and stabilize alot of your crown. They are less likely to work on the front hairline area though. You have alot of years ahead to potentially lose more hair.

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