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PANINE, MD | Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic - FUE Surgery Results 7 Months Post-Op 2,885 Grafts

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This 50-year-old gentleman had a hair loss pattern similar to a class 5 on the Hamilton Norwood hair loss scale. He had a previous strip (FUT) hair restoration procedure by another clinic about 8 years ago.

His goal was to rebuild his hairline and add density to the frontal 1/2 of his scalp. Taking his age and hair loss into consideration we discussed what he wanted to see done and together we constructed a surgical plan that would suite his expectations. I needed to create a natural hairline that would be suitable for him as he continued to age. Therefore, I used a significant amount of single hair follicular units along the hairline. This action will allow him to comb his hair without anyone detecting that he has had anything done as it looks very natural.

A total of 2,885 grafts were used in this patient’s FUE hair surgery. These are his results 7 months post-op.

His results will continue to improve over the next 5-8 months. The patient is extremely happy with his results and is on Finasteride to try and control further hair loss.

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Great job Dr. Panine 🙌🏼

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15 hours ago, HTHope said:

Why didn’t he do another fut?

Good question.  Is that his old strip scar towards the bottom of the back of his head?  It's so very small, must not have been worth reopening it. 

Either way, good result and a very natural hairline!

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