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Here is an objective take: Dr. Diep has poor donor management technique. He uses 1mm punches, which is no longer considered best practice by any top clinic in the world. With advancements in tech

Dear Community, Yesterday, was a complete nightmare for me as a moderator. @jimcraig152 you're totally right, this is your thread about your experience, and it is not a thread related to all thin

I am going to offer my OPINION based on my individual experiences. I think I am in a rare position in that I have been to both Dr. Diep and Dr. Konior for a subsequent procedure. I wouldn't necessaril

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On 7/29/2020 at 3:09 AM, jimcraig152 said:

About an hour after I arrived, I finally was able to see Dr. Diep in his office. We had to cover business stuff. I relented on some of my original answers and allowed him to harvest beyond the estimated 2250 grafts (In the end, 87 extra grafts were extracted for a total of 2337 grafts). Honestly, I understand the graft amount is an estimate. But I feel this is some corrupt auto industry-type billing. A trained doctor should be able to give an estimated range to the patient. If under, then the patient should be due some money back. If over, some transparency would go a long way to fostering confidence for the patient to at least know what they are up against. This running up billable hours/events practice is off-putting. I am pretty sure, no one has left Dr. Diep's office with a windfall.

I wouldn't be too alarmed at this.  Unfortunately once you've gotten that far you're all in.  Ironically my graft count came in lower and I got a small refund.


On 7/29/2020 at 3:09 AM, jimcraig152 said:

I'll edit this post with pics shortly. But let me ask for those that have had work done with Dr. Diep, who performed the grafts? Did Dr. Diep do them for you?

  • If YES, are you happy with the results?
  • If NO, are you happy with the results?


I'm happy with my results.  It's not perfect but that's not because of him, it's because I have additional thinning in my crown due to more diffuse hair loss.  Nobody can see it if I wear my hair low.  My hairline makes me look much younger.  Ultimately that's what the goal was and it worked.

I documented my results in my thread here:  



I will say that I have the benefit of thick curly hair that can mask a lot of thin areas.  So my hairline looks 100% natural.  I've even had friends make remarks such as, "It's unfair you still have your hairline."  lol.  I'm at 10 months, hoping to see some more progress in the next two months.  I know I might now but if this is the end result, I would still say I'm happy.

My only gripes with Diep were scheduling and communication.  I do sometimes wonder if I could have gotten the same result at 1/6th the price in Turkey tho.

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On 11/13/2020 at 8:37 PM, anotherhairlosssufferer said:

Can you please start a new thread for your experience? It would be another Dr. Diep's work data point for everyone else to see and could really help us compare against @jimcraig152's experience. More pics pre-op and post-op donor would be great!


@jimcraig152 agrees with me!

Here is my new review thread. 


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