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Asmed Clinic - Dr. Koray Erdogan FUE 2800 Grafts

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2 years after my surgery, I would like to share my experience with Asmed Clinic. Surgery was done Feb 2018.

First, I would like to say that the clinic is very clean, and you can feel the experience the moment you step the front door. Secondly, I don't take any medications for my hair. I tried Finasteride for two weeks after surgery, and I had some side effects so I stopped.

I also calculated the cost and the idea of taking meds all of my life. I figured out that it's better to do another surgery in the future if needed. 

I can just say it's one of the best decisions I made in my life. I would like to thank Suzana who was in touch pre, during, and post surgery with me, and of course to Dr. Erdogan and stuff for making my life better. 

Hair Thickness 60 Micron
Hair per Graft 2.12
Total donor capacity 7900 graft


Dry hair, few months before surgery:


Wet hair during preparations:



Day 1 after surgery:



Day 13:


1 Month:


2 Months:


3 Months:


4 Months:


5 Months:


10 Months:



24 Months:



Almost 30 Months post surgery, a few days ago:







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Just now, LonelyGraft said:

Your result is great and seems to have held up. The hairline seems less aggressive than what erdogan typically does. How did the hairline design step go?

I usually brush to the side 

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3 minutes ago, LonelyGraft said:

What I was asking is did erdogan design your hairline or did u give much of the input?

I showed him a picture how I looked like when I was 18 (and that I want it to look like it used to be) and he said he got the idea (I was 30 when I did the surgery). 

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You are lucky to have curly hair which has better coverage compared to straight one.

Do you have any picture where you comb up and show your hairline where camera will be looking to your face straight instead of down on to your hair?

Pretty much like the ones below but comb up to see the hairline/roots?



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