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My first procedure with Dr Koray Erdogan - 5025 graft - February 2019

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and wanted to share my experience with you. I was Norwood 6-7 that progressed very much at an early age. My work is stressful and always wearing a hat. I didn't care too much about my hair until the late twenties. 

After I found Asmed Clinic and Dr Koray I was very happy. Since I am from Turkey and living in the US. I used the period when I was on a holiday in Istanbul visiting my family and had the First procedure done in that period (February 2019). I think my photos will show you why I am happy. 

After so many years of bold head and shine effect on my photos, I can take photos where I am really relaxed and not searching for a shadow. 

Looking forward to your comments. 

Me before hairtransplant













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Full back photo
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