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Something about HT look

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Can anyone tell me why the majority of ht recipients wear there hair slicked back or pompadour style?

Also the hair really doesn’t look exactly like natural located hair. It looks stiffer..it springs back when combed through. It simply doesn’t look the same. Does this change over time? 

I have yet to see a short hair or hair down like a Kirk Herbstreit style hair style with A ht . Or the short bangs style , if I’m saying it right. 

Does anyone have any examples of this type if style, short, athletic cut after a HT

Some results look great. Myself I have never styled my hair slicked back

Thanks in advance




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No one on this forum should feel obligated to answer any of your questions when all you’re doing is going around trashing other people’s results.

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Great doctors can make a HT natural and undectable. Average Doctors make your hair look like what you describe. Hair characteristics can play a big part also , lots of other variables to consider also. HTs are an illusion of density,  so that has to be kept in mind.  Hairstyles can change an appearance of naturalness and help the illusion of density greatly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .


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