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Abhinay Singh

Hair Transplantation: 3020 grafts, Grade 5 @Eugenix Hair Sciences by Drs Sethi & Bansal

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This 26-year-old man was Grade 5 on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness when he came to us for his transplantation procedure. We gave him 3020 grafts for his procedure with adequate density and coverage. 2200 grafts were taken from the scalp donor and 820 grafts were taken from the beard donor. Above we have exhibited his results after 9 months in which you can witness the complete change in look and a great density. His results after 1.2 years are excellent and we have exhibited them in the video above. He is also taking medications to preserve his pre-existing hair.







5 (1).jpg



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Is it possible for Eugenix to have anything but outstanding results ? 

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