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Hi everybody,

My name is Marat. 

So a little story how I got in Turkey for hair transplant. Name of the clinic - Bellus Clinic, name of my surgeon - dr Yalvac.

A very good friend of mine and also my fitness trainer Sergey did hair transplant in August last year. 

After seeing his result after about 5 months I already decided to do HT and asked him to book for me in the same clinic.

Now he is almost one year post op so his result is much better now. Later I ll ask him to give me some pics and I will show you him also. He is too lazy himself to write reviews and such stuff.

So I arrived to Istanbul on 17.Jan early morning and my hair transplant was booked for the same day. 

I did some photos with dates on them so I think it ll be easier for you to understand my progress.


This is one of pics I sent to Anna ( a girl from Bellus Clinic ) for consultation. I think it is done somewhere on 4-7 of January


This pics are taken on 01.JAN of this year. So you can clearly see my frontal part is absolutely bald. 


This pic up is taken already in a clinic.

They shaved my head and I cannot recognize myself lol.


After hair transplant they give you a special pillow and I could not sleep on my stomach((  The most awful part of hair transplant :D 


This is Ali from Bellus Clinic. The funniest person in Turkey. 

BTW if you love meat you will absolutely love turkish cuisine.



Hope you guys also liked my hair.

I will post here from time to time to show my progress during the next 6 months.

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1 hour ago, voxman said:

You look 10 years younger now.  And happier!


1 hour ago, voxman said:

You look 10 years younger now.  And happier!

Thank you. Yes hair changes the face so much

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3 hours ago, Egy said:

@Marat Ledok wow great, the next pictures could you take them under the sunlight and show us the hairline?

hey, yes of course , I can. Also you can see higher my 6 months update, the pic was done under sunlight. 

showing hairline you mean to put my hand on hair and expose just hairline? yes of course and thanks

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