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I had my first transplant a couple of years back at a very young age, but unfortunately the transplant failed and I ended up wasting about 2500 grafts, which did not grow. I had my second procedure back in December and am about 7 months post-op. I went with a different clinic this time and had an additional 4500 grafts transplanted, 3000 in the hairline and midscalp and the remainder in the crown. The hairline seems to be filling in nicely and I would say I am quite happy but unfortunately past the first three or so, cm the density is quite poor. I have been taking pictures and the hair is definitely there, but it is extremely thin and fine and has been like that for two months now. I did read on here that final results become apparent when the hair pops through and matures. I am happy with the first part, but it is taking a long time to mature and hence has me worried. I am currently taking propecia and minoxidil and when I contacted the clinic I was told to wait a year. Is there any reason why the hair is taking such a long time to mature? I am just worried that the transplant failed again since it won't grow past a certain length but I could be wrong and things might continue to improve if I am a slow grower

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Blood supply seems to be the reason that transplanted hair grow at different rates throughout the recipient area; with the temple points and hairline growing first, then the midscalp, then the crown which can take even 12 -18 months. 

8 months should give a good indication as to the successful transplantation of the hair, but a good year (especially fot the crown) is when you can really assess how things went as the hair keeps maturing and gets thicker with each subsequent growth cycle. Although you didnt provide pics, as you mentioned the hair is definitely there (albeit extremely thin and fine) I would argue thats very encouraging. 



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The hair is still thickening at 8 months, it will definitely look better by 12 months. That said, if there’s an area completely bald, it may not fill in. Do you mind posting pre-op and post-op pics?

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