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Does anyone in the Northeast USA do mega sessions?

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6 hours ago, Melvin-Moderator said:

Ron Shapiro, True and Dorin, Dr. Bloxham to some extent. 

I wish True and Dorin got more play on this forum. Yes I get people are cost conscience and travel for a hair transplant is common to save $$$....but after consulting at different places and having work done a True and Dorin I was thrilled. They are damn expensive relative to getting travel cosmetic surgery done so I guess this is the problem for many but they are top tier IMO. 

I'm in talks to have a beard and scalp FUE HT with them in August at the practice to better a rather hopeless situation I have been in. They already successfully resolved a scar issue via FUE that was an absolute failure the time it was attempted at another clinic. Having done FUE now at 2 different clinics I can tell just how much more refined it was with them. They also utilize PRP at the time of my procedure to assist in growth/healing. I think that was huge for me. But again...$$$$ dictates alot but it is never a good idea to put $$$ ahead of good HT work.

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